Dual Motive Resources

Taking a consilient perspective, Dual Motive Theory (DMT) offers many insights in various disciplines of the social sciences from what we have recently learned in evolutionary neuroscience. Because there are many facets and applications of this theory, we would like to offer the information broken up into easy to learn segments.

We have broken this information up into the following sections:

  • Overview – An easy to understand introduction to DMT
  • Evolutionary Background – More detailed look at the scientific basis of DMT
  • The Author – Information about Gerald A. Cory Jr., the author of DMT
  • Paradigm Shift – The proposed paradigm shift for the social sciences

Please feel free to leave comments and give your feedback because that truly the aim of academics: never to stop asking and answering questions!

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Welcome to the Dual Motive Theory Website

Welcome to the Dual Motive Theory (DMT) website!

DMT is founded by Gerald A. Cory Jr., and offers a new perspective on the social sciences from recent findings in evolutionary neuroscience. While that many sound very complex, we are determined to put forward information on this theory in people-friendly fashion!

Enjoy your stay, and check back soon for more postings.

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